Original City Trip To Mechelen Beer In Women’s Hands Both are now world-renowned, but mostly Mechelen Beer, the beer is still a favorite. Women often believe it’s not charming to drink beer and thus prefer a glass of wine. Tourism Mechelen wants to get to grips with this incorrect picture once and for all and has the ambition to place their town as a culinary destination on the map. Together at the local beer, men, and females, together with delicious local meals, that’s the objective. I took part in the’ Beer, females understand why’ workshop and I learned a lot about this age-old beverage.

Drinking beer with food

At Cosma, they understand what to put on the culinary menu for Mechelen. I stroll through a lovely delicatessen into the contemporary brasserie. You can purchase local products in hip packaging here. We take a seat at a lengthy table, after which she starts her tale with Sofie Vanrafelghem, Belgium’s only full-time beer sommelier. She claims she’s been a true WWW, a White Wine Wife until about seven years ago, and she’s now concentrated completely on beer. Her tale starts in the Middle Ages when the water was so contaminated that individuals would prefer to drink beer. Because the demand for this golden drink was so great, brewing beer was one of the women’s household duties. The wo is not without reason

In the meantime, we are served the starter. We drink a White Lambic with smoked salmon and carpaccio. A delicious fresh beer that perfectly matches the light taste of the starters. Sofie says that there are no fewer than 2000 breweries in Belgium, of which Het Anker in Mechelen is one of the most accessible to the general public.

Original City Trip To Mechelen Beer

While Sofie speaks about beer ingredients and wants to begin her tale about females and prejudices, the main course is served to me. An enormous piece of cod is followed by a glass of Affligem with a crispy jacket and all sorts of delicious side dishes. Originally a true Belgian beer, the typical Dutch Heineken took over meanwhile. Affligem is brewed in Belgium’s oldest brewery and includes overstretched banana aromas. I can’t taste it, to be frank, but I can say it’s a wonderfully refreshing, fruity beer.

I head to my hotel room tired but fulfilled after this delicious meal packed with data. Honestly, I can say Sofie’s enthusiasm is contagious and I can’t wait until more Belgian beers can be tasted. So again on a Mechelen town journey! Would you also like to take part in the’ Beer, females understand why’ workshop? See Tourism Mechelen’s website for more data. With NS International trains, you can quickly reach Mechelen from Indonesia

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