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Entrepreneur and marketing

Conventional thinking about entrepreneurship: The common perception in our society about entrepreneurship, and the traditional thinking is that successful entrepreneurs are only people with unique family background, successful entrepreneurship is not possible without capital or very low finance, the only source of prosperity and only good government jobs. , Or …

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Importance of Digital Marketing

This statement may seem harsh to you, but the world is changing quickly, and in this fast era, you need to use social websites, or you might stay far from them. Cost Efficient: Unlike conventional advertising, social websites and electronic marketing do not cost that much, and in spite of …

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What is seo? And how it works?

What is seo? And how it works? SEO is called search engine optimization. In this process, the search engine indexes the blog pages in their records, that is, and as soon as a user searches for content on the search engine, the content they submit to them is displayed in …

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