Conventional thinking about entrepreneurship:

The common perception in our society about entrepreneurship, and the traditional thinking is that successful entrepreneurs are only people with unique family background, successful entrepreneurship is not possible without capital or very low finance, the only source of prosperity and only good government jobs. , Or have a job abroad, not entrepreneurship, even from highly educated parents I heard myself say “no one in our family has done business or we can’t do business.”

The difference between a business, a business, and entrepreneurship is that the business is its own business, but something that many people have already done and which is commonly practiced in the market, like opening a clothing store. We will not talk about this business here. If you take the same clothing store on the Internet, allow people to like clothes at home and order sewing, it will be called entrepreneurship, a work that was not previously conceived in the market and You took a risk by starting it because you have no idea whether or not you would like this idea, since there is no precedent.

Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs:

Now let’s talk about capital. There are many examples in today’s world that succeed in becoming an entrepreneur despite “very little capital.” Bill Gates is an example to all the world. One person develops a software (Windows operating system) to make it easier for people to use the computer and within a few years become the richest person in the world. Never in the world has a person been the richest person in the world for eleven years in a row.

Just think. Does the intellect recognize that the value of a few hundred square feet of manufactured goods exceeds the industries built on thousands of acres, or that the work of a few manufactured with the help of a few people contrasts with the workforce of millions? The factories cannot do.

The reason is obvious.  Windows is a good example of entrepreneurship.

There are many more examples like this: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and the chief executive officer who started his career and made amazing progress. Instagram, WhatsApp, Snap Chat are the smartphone applications that are popping up in the world. Did you know that all these groups of two or four people were created on an idea-only basis and were counted among the most downloaded Android apps within a few hours?

Colonel Sanders, the owner of the famous restaurant KFC, tried to sell his chicken recipe after retirement, for which he traveled to several states in the United States in his old car. Many times he would spend the night in his car. KFC restaurants are established in most countries of the world today.

Just think, old man, capital is zero. What is there? Just a recipe for cooking? If Colonel Sanders were to retire somewhere after retirement, would you know his nature?

From all these examples, it can certainly be said that your job does not require much initial capital to join the world’s richest and most famous people if need be, just creative thinking, which brings to the market, something that has never been done before. Only then will your things be taken by the hand and incorporated into the world.

Many young entrepreneurs in Pakistan have done a tremendous job, and the journey of the years is set in weeks. There are numerous examples in Pakistan.

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