Ayutthaya The Temple City Of Thailand

SYou should not miss a visit to the temple town of Ayutthaya during your trip through Thailand. Once Thailand’s capital, Ayutthaya has proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. It is full of lovely historic temples, but there is a lot more to give in this ancient town.


Ayutthaya is about 1.5 hours from Bangkok by train, bus or taxi. Ayutthaya is situated on the manner to Chiang Mai north of the capital. When they are in transit from Bangkok to northern Thailand, many individuals visit Ayutthaya.

I first traveled to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok and later to Ayutthaya from there. I certainly suggest making a tiny stop between Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi in Bangkok. It was one of my favorite Thailand areas. Unfortunately, there is no train from Kanchanaburi to Ayutthaya, but with the ordinary bus (which you have to change once), a unique direct minibus or a taxi you can reach Ayutthaya.

Where to stay in Ayutthaya?

We slept at the lovely Baan Thai House during our trip to Ayutthaya. The cottage in which we stayed was very pleasant, the individuals were friendly and the view of the lake was lovely. At the estate, you can lease free bicycles to explore the town. Also in Ayutthaya, Baan Thai House is one of the few accommodations with a beautiful swimming pool. After a long day visiting temples, I really liked being able to cool off here. The guesthouse is about 500 meters from the station, so it’s perfect if you’re traveling by train to the next location.

Tamarind’s colorful hostel Goodmorning is another must in Ayutthaya. It’s a somewhat cheaper and more fundamental alternative than Baan Thai House, but it’s just as comfortable. The colorfully decorated rooms are all equipped with personal bathroom. Also in an ideal place, this guesthouse is near to the primary attractions.

What to do in Ayutthaya?


Ayutthaya is one of the few locations you can cycle well in Thailand. Keep in mind that in Thailand they drive to the left. This is sometimes a bit difficult, especially in curves or roundabouts. Make sure you’re also bringing a nice card. We decided to just go out and accidentally end up between the vehicles and scooters on a highway and three-lane roundabout. Different rivers and canals run through Ayutthaya’s middle, but on the tiny ferries, you can just bring your bicycle. I really liked cycling through the city’s many temples.

Admire the city from the water

Do you prefer to see from the water Ayutthaya? That’s feasible, too! You can sail the rivers with tiny ferries for just a few baht, but there are also several boat trips that take you past several attractions and have a longer path. In Ayutthaya, you can even rent kayaks to explore all the beautiful river temples.

Visit the ‘Who is the Mole temple’

I knew this town only from the “Who is the Mole Temple” before I visited Ayutthaya. This temple was seen in the 2007 season when Inge Iepenburg was the mole, the Wat Chai Watthanaram. The respondents had to attempt to discover the correct route to the complicated core without dropping bombs to eventually get the cash. Unfortunately, during our trip to Ayutthaya, the temple was closed because owing to the latest flood, sections of the temple were still being repaired. Luckily we were able to walk around it and in true life, I could admire the Who is the Mole temple.

Take a trip to the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace

The palace of the Bang Pa-In is about 20 kilometers below Ayutthaya. This is the King of Ayutthaya’s summer palace, but this palace is accessible to tourists when it is not there. It is an enormous complex with influences from the architectural style of Thailand, China, and the Victorian. The palace has a beautifully kept garden with lovely flowers. The garden is so large it looks almost like a park. I certainly suggest taking a journey to this unique palace if you have a little more time in Ayutthaya. Check on the internet in advance of the king is not there by chance, as visitors are closed to the complex.

Sample Roti Sai Mai: the specialty of Ayutthaya

You can’t fly when you’re in Ayutthaya. Wherever you see Roti Sai Mai, Ayutthaya’s delicacy. Roti Sai Mai is a sort of tortilla with a brightly colored candy-like cotton material that looks like a rope a little bit. It may sound very filthy, but trust me, it is amazingly delicious! The tortillas and filling are accessible in various colors of all types. During my trip through Thailand I didn’t see this snack anywhere else, so get began when you’re in Ayutthaya.

Make an offering to the large reclining Buddha

You will discover an enormous reclining Buddha of no less than 37 meters in length at the Wat Lokayasutharam. Locals often invite you to engage in a ritual when you visit this Buddha. You get flowers for a few baht that you lay with the Buddha for the first time. Then you’ll get a number of sticks of incense you can put in the sand. With each stick, you can create a wish. Finally, to stick on the Buddha, they offer you a piece of gold leaf. I don’t understand if you’re no longer fortunate. I believed that experiencing this ritual was very special.

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